In this e-World: Don’t Forget Traditional Promotions

In this hyper connected, electronic world it’s easy to forget any form of marketing that doesn’t have an “e-” in front of it.  But “traditional” doesn’t have to mean “unproductive.”  So consider mixing in a few of these tactics among your other web-based marketing concepts.

  • Press releases for your local newspapers or appropriately targetted magazines – and remember to include a strong signature line or resource box so that members of your community can click on your links to quickly become online customers.
  • Have an open house or customer appreciation day. Set up informative displays, serve refreshments, and offer door prizes. Write a press release to announce the event.
  • Snail mail can be more effective in marketing your business in that it will likely stand out more than an email and you can send right to your potential partner and WOW them – but snail mail is the easiest to ignore.  Snail mail can also get very expensive, especially if you’re sending out a product. If you send snail mail, a follow-up via another format is recommended. Contain your costs by using postcards or piggybacking other mailings with like-minded businesses.
  • Tradeshows can be a great way to get out and meet potential venders and customers. But while you’re handing out your business card and talking about your business but be sure to collect business cards and FOLLOW UP afterwards.  One Tip: Take a quick photo or video at the event an email it to your new contact. It’s memorable!
  • Text Messages are read almost 100% of the time within the first few minutes of being sent. So collect your customers mobile numbers and JUDICIOUSLY use the numbers to send brief informtion such as delivery updates, appointment reminders, and work your way into special offers.
  • QR codes are a great way to include more indepth information through a mobile web access point.
  • Be a guest on a radio show. If you have a business that can help a radio listening audience — think, plan for Halloween, or create more memorable company parties – try securing guest spots with some of your local or internet based radio stations.
  • Cross Promtion. Find a similar business – for example, a towing company if you are an auto body repair shop, and create cross promotional opportunities and/or referrals.  Share coupons if appropriate.
  • Don’t assume there’s not a corporate market. Many companies have downsized many functions that used to just be done internally. So if you’re a mechanic shop, don’t assume your local phone company does all their repair services with an in-house mechanic. It’s likely they don’t!
  • Ask for referrals. There are lot’s of your customers who love you! if so – be sure to tell them you would really appreciate it if they would trust you with their friends and family.
  • Ask for testimonials. You go above and beyond for your customers each and every day. So why not ask them for a written testimonial when they are in the appreciative mood for all the extra special service you’ve just provided them?
  • Remind them of what else you do.  You might be an autobody shop, but do you do other things too? Do you do basic repair? Maintenance work? You might be “known” for one element of your services offerings — so reminding your customers that you can help them in other ways is a logical step. They already trust you – just let them know what else you can do for them.

Remember – marketing isn’t just the stuff you buy: the advertising, business cards, website, etc. Marketing is about creating deep and meaninful relationships with your customers so that when they have a need -or has a friend or family member who needs your service – YOU are the first one they think of!




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