Celebrate Your Customers All Year Long to Have a Happy Holiday Season

If you want to ring in the New Year with record holiday sales, better take a closer look at your customer relationships rather than your store decorations, recent research shows.

In recent studies, Motista, a customer research firm, has found that only 24% customers plan on purchasing from a retailer they shop with currently. That spells a foreboding holiday outlook for those trying to forecast holiday sales projections if 76% of your customer base could churn — or “switch” or defect, — going to the competition.

Worse, only 18% of respondents had an emotional connection to the places where they shop. Sad state of affairs indeed when much of retail is not just based on price, but the whole shopping experience.

Motista’s findings escalate from that (if such a growth of importance could even be possible):

  • Customers who are connected emotionally to the firm are 50% more likely to be customer advocates, recommending the firm to their friends and family.
  • Engaged customers respond to retailers’ direct mail efforts.
  • These emotionally connected customers are also shopping  more frequently from their mobile devices (10x more freqently than merely “satisfied” customers).
  • They are 4x more likely to be following your firm online (either through Facebook or Twitter.)

The Motista findings are relevant for businesses of all types, not just retail operations waiting for Black Friday. And the learnings from the research are equally powerful: create a relationship with your followers, readers, clients or, yes, shoppers.  Relationships aren’t based solely on number of visits or being a name on a list. Relationships are based on understading your audience and making a real connection with your audience.

Build marketing campaigns around that understanding. If you know you have a customer base full of single parents, make holiday shopping easier for them with a drop in play center or gift wrapping on site.

Remember, if you take your custmer for granted, they won’t be around very long.


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