Building Relationships with Customers

There’s an old Girl Scout song: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

Long time customers are a bit like that song. It’ not that new customers aren’t important – they are. But don’t forget about your long time existing customers too. They’ve hung around with you through a lot of good and bad times.  And too, it’s far more cost effective to market to existing customers than it is to constantly be foraging for new customers.

The art to customer management is learning how to market to past clients – to continuously grow those relationships so that they would never dream of going anywhere else for their styling services or for that special date night.

So in essence, you have two types of customers in your customer database:

One-Time Purchasers

This is where a customer comes to your website or store and buys a product. Once you’ve delivered the product, your relationship is effectively over – unless your customer decides to buy another product. You can and should encourage repeat purchases through a good follow-up process that establishes a good relationship with your customers. Offer them more resources, product discounts and create a line of products that complement the product already purchased.

For example, if you sell information products, you can create products with more advanced information or other information that your target audience would want to know. If you sell physical products, create a line of accessories or other complementary products to go with it.

But realize that even with all that savvy marketing in place you, are leaving a lot up to chance. Customers may go elsewhere or just plain old decide not to buy any more products. It’s just the way it goes.

Repeat Buyers – The Gold in your Data Mine

Each sale should lead to another one – rather like a video game, where you get to the next level.  You finally reach the stage where you can offer them really exclusive service – high end products, membership sites, mastermind sites – and private coaching.

Or, if you’re a retailer, maybe you offer a fashion show to special clients who typically purchase a certain volume. Or create a club membership for customers who want carwashes – buy X amount in advance and get a few thrown in for free.

A subscriber list or customer data base  is like a garden – planting it properly it is vital to your success.  But once it’s planted and starting to grow, nourishment is essential. Work hard to keep your subscribers happy.  Like Big Ben, they’re worth it – they’ll happily pay you back ten times over.


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