Being a Good Guest (Blogger that is…)

Once you’ve decided you actually want to be a guest blogger, the next question alot of people  have is “how do I get to be one?”

Of course the usual response is going to be checking out websites that have similar or complementary readership as your target audience. So if you are targetting mechanics, guest blogging for a home decor site might not be a great fit.

Then, once you’ve found some likely prospects, take some time to understand who the site is, who the site serves, what kind of topics they cover and what topics seem to get a lot of comments.

Go through back posts, follow up on commenters’ Twitter and Facebook links and find out:

From a creative perspective, also look at the “voice” or tone of the writing on the site. Can you adapt your writing style to at least “fit in” a bit? 

Are there any obvious topics that the owner hasn’t covered that seem to be a logical option- one that you can credibly cover in a blog post?

 Further, take some time to become part of that blogger’s community. Read, follow and comment thoughtfully. Taking the time to “onramp” into the community will help you seem less like an outsider when you write your first guest blog for them.

How to Follow up like a Pro

Another important trait all great guest bloggers share:  They realize their job is only beginning when the blog post is finally published.

Not only do they promote the post, they answer comments on their guest post.  (Ask ahead of time if the blog owner wants you to answer the comments, or prefers to do it themselves.

Many blog owners will simply give you your own log-in and password to their blog, and expect you to upload your post when ready – fully proofed and checked – yourself.  You’ll be able to log in that way also, to answer commenter’s on your post.

Don’t forget to promote your new blog post too, to your own readers on Facebook, Twitter or your email list.

Lastly – be sure to say thank you to the website owner. Ask for feedback or how they think things went. If things went well, then use the good feelings to pitch your next story idea and “visit!”



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