Ask for product review to open doors… but be careful

Imagine this – you’re trying to figure out which movie to go see this weekend. Which do you choose: the movie you’ve never heard of, OR the movie you saw being reviewed on Good Morning America today as potentially one of the best movies of the year?

Most will pick the movie they’ve heard of.

Reviewing – whether it’s movies, books, CDs, service providers, you name it – are a great way to gai addtional exposure to a audience who already follows a trusted influencer (ie: the reviewer).

So what’s the equivalent to this for you as a website ownr? Ask fellow webmasters and bloggers to review your products.  They get a freebie (ie: a free access to your content or membership side), and you get exposure and a link.

Reviews are by nature a trusted source of information. Many people specifically search for reviews on a product before they buy it. This is particularly true of expensive products like cars, software and technology. However, because of the instant information age, many people use reviews to help them make decisions on smaller items like books, movies and online courses.

They’re then a credible source of information for your prospects and website visitors. They key to writing a review is to make it feel unbiased and honest. It cannot read like a sales page or you’ll lose credibility.

Not only are reviews as a potential form of content, but you can also take this a step further. You can list your business with online local directories. These directories, like Yahoo list businesses under their specific category and also allow for user reviews. The more reviews you have, the higher you move up the results page. And you can refer to your good reviews when communicating online.

You can also submit your website, products, or services to other sites for review. For example, let’s say you have an information product you’re selling. Making the book available on Amazon would enable user reviews. However, you could also send the book to other relevant businesses and review sites for a review. Any good reviews you get, link to them on your website and when networking online.

This of course all assumes a few things: your business is  in tip top shape. You have a strong website, and you have outstanding content. No need o open yourself up to “poor reviews” …. so do some house keeping first before you invite your industry trade pub, local chamber newsletter or famous blogger to crawl through your website. 😉


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