A name in exchange for…? Creating Good Opt-ins

A lot of people get confused about Opt-in boxes (or some say pages).  But they don’t have to be… just consider a few pieces of information.

Don’t Let Your Sign-up Box Stand Alone

When you first put it up on your site, announce it. Tweet about the offer the sign up box gives access to. Write a post on your blog, specifically pointing out the sign-up box in your sidebar.

Offer a good gift.

People frankly are getting picky about sharing their emails. So often, they won’t share an email unless they get something in exchange. Consider a discount coupon on their first purchase, an ebook… anything easy to implement.

Make it singularly focused.

The Opt-in box should do one thing: it should create the opportunity for people to put their email on your emal list.

Don’t provide lot’s of options.

Only two possible decisions your reader can make – “Yes, I’ll sign up” or “No, I’ll pass.”

And by all means, don’t be upset if someone doesn’t sign up for your mailings. Be happy. They’ve self selected themselves out as not being your customer. You weeded out someone who would have wasted your valuable time, never bought a thing, and not been happy with your offerings – perhaps even complained about you in social media!

Some may consider using other features – like forced opt ins, light boxes (where the opt in box pops up in the middle of the screen and the rest of the site “dims” until you opt in), etc. Be careful with these — a lot of readers don’t like these tactics and it’s far too easy to just “click away” to another site who’s happy to provide information without the hoops.


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