4Ps Relevancy – Place

As part of this ongoing conversation, we’re talking about the 4P’s of marketing:  product (what are you selling),  price (for how much are you selling it), place (how can your customer find your product), and promotion (how would your customer know about your product).

Back in the good old days, we used to talk about place in terms of a location: the corner Parker Rd and Quincy…. the second floor of the Mall of America towards the Nordstrom end of the mall.  Then we realized place reflected “distribution” — how do we get the product — in a more broad sense. So think catalogues (I still remember the good old fashioned Christmas Wish book from Sears….every kids’ dream).

Today…? The internet is the superb, ultimate “location” for business today.

But when I have had this conversation wtih my hair stylist, she comments “yeah, that’s a great idea, but I can’t cut hair online.” You’re right and she’s got a point. Mechanics can’t do your oil change without touching your car. Hair cuts still do require the stylist and the client to be in the same physical location. However, you CAN make the site do all the other work: scheduling, email reminders, “hot styles” or “how to pick the best hair color or style, etc.” Let your customer “engage” with you in every other possible way to get them (and keep them) hooked.

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