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Tips from Zarella: Improving Your Social Media

I always love Dan Zarella’s work. He’s smart, and does actual research about what works in social media rather than guess work or some small sample that has no relevance or applicability.  Check out his latest thoughts on improving your social media. 20 Data-Backed Ways to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing … blog.hubspot.com5/2/13 Get tips […]

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Are your customers invisible?

I don’t rant often. I don’t pick on retail employees, because I, too, was a young college student making ends meet by working retail not that long ago.  And I’ve had many, many former retail employees as students and as employees since. I know their pain and the hard work it takes to be a […]

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Video Game Lessons for Improving your User Interface/Experience

I hate my remote control. I’m sure many of you have had this experience: you know the one I’m talking about. Where your 9 year old kid can figure out 15 ways to do something with technology, but you’re still left trying to figure out how to record Star Trek: TNG? Technology companies know this. […]

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