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What are your goals in your business?

As a young manager in corporate America, I remember going through that time-tested ritual of managing employees – every year (or every so often) sitting down with my team and asking “So what are your goals?” Some were funny (I want to find a date?) and some were personal (I’d like to be married and have […]

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Why are you starting a business?

There’s a lot of reasons why people start businesses rather than working for someone else. But sometimes, in the process of “starting” the business, the reasons for doing so can get jumbled up. So one of the things discussed in the work book for “36 Things You Need to Know Now” includes writing them down. Reasons […]

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Our New Product: 36 Things You Need to Know NOW

Six to seven months ago, my fellow teacher/researcher and business  partner, Dr. Richard Moody and I, started researching…. well, frankly all of YOU. We  were fascinated by this “internet business” world that was hardly  being represented in the hallowed halls of academia, and wondered what we were  missing in our own teachings – and how to […]

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Reinventing your Brand

We all have to reinvent ourselves. Whether it’s getting back up from a failed business, a friend or colleague who gets laid off and wonders “now what?” or suffering the slings and arrows of day to day life. And it seems like there is a whole lot of reinventing going on for people – given […]

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Research is for Small Biz People Too

I once read an article on another business person’s website where his readers were openly criticizing him for his wide range of information sources, one of which they did not approve of. The readers were (theoretically) business people. People who either are in business, want to be in business, want to improve their businesses, etc.  So I […]

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