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The Three Social Media You Can’t Ignore

If you’re in business, part of your job is to constantly be looking for new ways to run your business faster, better, smarter. So when I sat in on Daniel Hall’s guest webinar expert, George Kau, I was excited to hear how people like me manage the demands on our time – particularly when it […]

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How to Orgainze All that Social Media Advice & Info

I adore good advice. Any time I get to sit on a webinar and learn something that makes running my company or doing my job easier, I like it more. So learning how to manage the “Time Suck” that social media can be is really important to me.  That’s why listening to Daniel Hall’s latest […]

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Social Media Tip 13: Ask for What You Want

Lucky 13 rounds out our Social Media tips as derrived from Hubspot’s social media scientist, Dan Zarrella. Turns out the old sales tip, “Ask for the sale” applies in social media terms too. Zarrella’s study “The Science of Social Media” provides research based findings to support what social media actions and tactics work, or don’t […]

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Social Media Tip 12: Write Well

Writing well, yes is a talent. But writing well can be a skill that is developed and cultivated over your professional lifetime. And writing well is another important fact that HubSpot Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella, advocates in his research regarding social media in his most recent presentation, “The Science of Social Media.” As with […]

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Social Media Tip 11: Help Them Understand

People are curious beings. They really do want to know about their world, how things work the way they do, and what posibilities there are. Dan Zarrella talks about this human need to know why in his presentation “The Science of Social Media” in which he discusses his own research exploration to understand what works […]

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