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Why I Love Students

In addition to the consulting, research and writing that I do, I teach university students — marketing, management, writing– you name it. People often ask me if I wouldn’t just rather deal with “paying” customers all day long. Paying customers? So what are students? 😉 But instead of saying that,  I laugh. No. Students are […]

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What is success?

I was working with a business not that long ago, who anyone would have guessed (or assumed) that they would have the answer to everything. A long standing, larger firm, they appeared to be the epitome of a “belt and suspenders” kind of firm: a plan in place for everything. An answer for every issue. […]

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Controlling: The dirty word in business

I have a dear friend who works in a bank. He started as a part-timer in college; later working his way up the ladder of the teller world until he landed in the bank’s vaults, counting money. And over the years, I’ve watched him go from optimistic and open minded about business to being a […]

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Finding your way in business

What a no-holds-barred conversation with Tim Sykes! You don’t have to be into finance or stocks to appreciate this interview. Tim talks about the importance of building good email lists, knowing what appeals to your customers, and seeing through so much of the junk that is on the web. Something that Tim really talks about […]

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Great Interview with Chris Brogan

Hi everyone – I thought I would share a few interviews I’ve seen recently. In this instance, it’s an intervew with Chris Brogan, founder of Human Business Works. Hang in there through the whole conersation – it’s a great dialogue about business, the meaning of being in business for yourself, finding a higher purpose in […]

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